Mechanicals take a while to warm up, but will win you over in the end

For the purists in life

"Mechs" can come in all shapes and sizes from tubes to boxes, tiny to huge, but they all have one thing in common. No regulation and no chips. These are definitely for the Experienced-Vaper and are Hobby Grade, but with this comes some down right Old School Cool. From materials such as flame painted titanium to stabilized wood these give the user complete control of their vape. You want a warmer vape you rebuild for a warmer vape you want a cooler vape you rebuild for a cooler vape. There is no need to adjust them at all; this is the beauty of Mechs, they are for the purist type of person. Mechanicals are real run what you bring style no excuse no way to mask a bad build. Done bad and you know it, but done right and its a completely different sensation than regulated devices. There are very very few tanks designed to run on mechanicals and even fewer still that run well on mechs. Definitely the land of RDA's. They are difficult and aggravating at times but like everything else that takes time to learn in the end they will make a place in your heart.