Full Steam Ahead

Upgrade your vaping device with new parts in San Angelo, TX

Interested in making your vaping experience more enjoyable and flavorful? We have just the supplies you need to make it happen. Desertwind Vapors sells vaping devices, tanks, RDAs and MODs so you can choose which parts of your device you would like to modify. Choose from a wide variety of high-quality brands and manufacturers.

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The parts of your device

Thinking about making modifications to your device? Here are brief descriptions of the parts you can use to customize it:

  • Tanks—tanks are easy-to-fill atomizers built into a housing that feeds juice to the device.
  • RDA – stands for rebuildable dripping atomizer. You can rebuild these mechanisms and customize them to improve your experience.
  • MOD – a MOD is the power source of your device. These battery-powered mechanisms are what heats up the juice or e-liquid and creates the vapor.

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